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Wednesday, April 25th 2012

12:09 AM

14 yo porn lolitas


Related article: Date: Mon, 18 Jan 2010 17:49:00 +0000 From: Lucy Roberts Subject Cold part 1 (TV; MM)"Cold Part 1" by Lucy Roberts If you like the story let me know. It was cold as Ian stood on the edge of the pool. He enjoyed swimming but he wasn't very good at it. Occasionally, when another boy was ill, he might get a swim in the team but it was only as a make weight. However, with his slight body, he could hardly be much of a make weight.Ian was a fifteen year old pupil at a co- educational boarding school in mid-England.His friend John swam up to him and, clinging on to the side of the pool, said, "I've just been told a new swimming teacher is starting tomorrow.""Suppose I'd better put in a few lengths then," Ian replied, "and I might impress him tomorrow." But he said it without much hope.That night Ian stood in his study bedroom and looked at his body. Not top lolita boys peedo for him the growing of muscles that so many in his class were showing. His body was slim, and, standing as he was now, even a little girly. That image was only enhanced by the fact that all he was wearing was a pair of girl's panties. They were just white ones but they were definitely girl's. He'd found them one day on the path where they must have dropped out of a girl's bag. Immediately he had grabbed them and had kept them hidden in his room, except of course for these very private moments when he would parade in front of the mirror wearing them and pretending to be his alterego Lucy. Ian was in love with girl's clothes. He liked nothing better than to sit and look lil lolitas top 100 at the girls in the school, to consider what they were wearing. He enjoyed trying to see through their white blouses when they wore something other than a white bra underneath. He loved to study their legs polish lolitas non nude in either black or tan tights. But more he wished, oh how he wished that he'd been a girl and could walk round the school as they did.The next evening Ian was back at the swimming pool and indeed there was the new tutor, a Mr Dean. He was quite young and powerfully built. He began the session by getting the youngsters to swim up and down while he watched and made the occasional comment. Then he began competitions by getting the boys to race against each other. Needless to say Ian came last in his race. As the session was coming to an end he sent most of he boys away just keeping the four boys who had come last in the races, which included Ian."Right," said Mr Dean, "let's have one more race, not so that I can see who is worst but so I can see your different styles and see what we can do to improve."The race took place and Ian came last - the worst in the team. Afterwards as the boys stood on the edge of the pool Mr Dean gave each a run down on what he could see needed doing. He then gave each of them some exercises to do."Next week I hope to see an improvement." The following week Ian knew he hadn't made much progress. This time each boy was allowed to swim alone against the clock as Mr Dean watched and commented. When it was Ian's turn he did worse than ever and brought a testy response from Mr Dean, "crumbs Bradshaw you swim like a girl." There were several titters from those watching. At the end of the session Mr Dean drew Ian aside, "right Bradshaw meet me here tomorrow tea time and we'll see what we can make of you."So the next day Ian was there at the pool again. This time it was just him and Mr Dean. Ian had to swim as Mr Dean walked up the edge of the pool talking to him. Then the teacher made him get out and swam himself showing Ian how to do it. When Ian got back in he was no better.At the end of the session the pupil and teacher sat side by side on the edge of the pool. As Mr Dean talked to him all Ian could see was the bulge in Mr Dean's trunks and all he could sense was the teacher's manly body close beside him. Ian felt a stirring in his own trunks and hoped that the teacher wouldn't see it. Mr Dean gave Ian some more pointers and then said, "we are going to do this again tomorrow and you are going to get better or I might have to take some radical action." That night Ian again stood in front of his mirror only wearing his white panties but this time dreaming of being close to Mr Dean.The next day saw him back at the pool. Knowing that there would be no one else around in the changing rooms he dared to wear the panties under his trousers. As he got changed he enjoyed a fleeting moment standing in the changing rooms in just his panties."Right Bradshaw," Mr Dean said as they stood by the pool, "I said at the beginning that you swim like a girl. So today if you don't come up to muster you'll have to wear these," with that he held a pink bikini bottom. Ian's face went bright red and his mind was going ten to the dozen because he would give almost anything to be able to wear them and for Mr Dean to see him wearing them. Ian slipped into the water and began to swim. His mind was in whirl but even if it hadn't been he probably couldn't have satisfied Mr Dean. It wasn't long before he was hauled out of the water and told to go and put the bikini bottoms on.Ian did what he was told and came back very sheepishly. "You swim like a girl now you look like one," the teacher said," get back in and see what you can do." But of course it was no help. Indeed it was a hindrance because all Ian could think about was what he looked like and what Mr Dean was thinking. Eventually Mr Dean told him to get out and sit on the side of the pool. Mr Dean came and sat beside him. The swimming coach spoke kindly to Ian about him just not being good enough even to be a reserve. But all Ian could think about was how close he was to him and the fact that the teacher's leg was touching his. At least that was all he could think about until the teacher draped a comforting arm round Ian's shoulders and gave him a squeeze. "Don't be upset Bradshaw. I'm sure there are other things you are good at." The teacher gave Ian a second squeeze and dismissed him.Ian was in a daze as he went back to the changing room. He showered still wearing the bikini bottoms. Then he slid them down and, with no one else there, stepped into his own white panties. He was just putting his shirt on when he heard, "What sun ranchi lolita bbs have we here then?" He froze. Mr Dean had come quietly into the changing rooms. "So we do have a little girly in our midst then." Ian went bright red and said nothing. He didn't even make an attempt to hide his panties. "Well, well this is interesting," Mr Dean continued. "I think I'd like to hear more about this Bradshaw. You can report to my house after evening meal. And be wearing those panties."As Ian got changed there was a whole range of emotions going through him. In part he was fearful at what Mr Dean might say or do. After all it must be against school rules for a boy to be wearing girl's panties mustn't it? But then he was a little excited because Mr Dean had seen him in his panties and wanted him to wear them later. What did that mean?Whatever it meant, at 7.30pm sharp Ian was standing on the doorstep of Mr Dean's house. He knocked and Mr Dean let him in. Ian followed Mr Dean through to the lounge. Mr Dean sat down and kept the boy standing. "So you wear girl's panties?" "Yes sir," mumbled the boy. "Do you like wearing girl's panties or were you being forced to wear them?" Ian had to quickly decide whether to admit that he liked it. But what had he to loose? "I like wearing them sir." "Is that all you wear?" "Yes sir. It is all I have got sir." "I see." There was a pause. "Now this is a bit difficult and I could get into a lot of trouble here Bradshaw. But let me ask you, if I provided you some other girl's clothes to wear would you wear them?" Ian's reply came like a shot, "Oh yes sir." "And would you let me see you in them?" "Yes sir if you wanted to." "Oh I want to. Come with me."The teacher stood up and led the boy upstairs to a small bedroom. "Here we are Bradshaw," he said opening the door. "There are some clothes on the bed. You can put them on if you want and then come back down to the lounge. But if at any time you change your mind then just walk out the front door." With that he pulled the door shut and left Ian in the room.He looked at the clothes on the bed. It was clear it was the school uniform but with a few modifications. There was no thought in Ian's mind of walking out of the front door. Not when he had this treasure trove of clothes. He quickly took off all his clothes, even his precious white panties. Instead he slid up his legs a pair of pink nylon panties. He wasn't sure how many girls at school would wear such things but the felt really good round his bottom. Next he found a black bra, which he clipped on. It wasn't the first time he worn a bra because he'd tried some of his sisters on but this was very different for there was the possibility that Mr Dean would see it on him. Who was he kidding? He knew Mr Dean would see it on him. He used his socks to pad the cups out a little. Next he rolled one of the black stockings up his leg. The silky nylon felt so good and the grip at the top held it sun ranchi lolita bbs up. Soon he was standing there in stocking panties and a bra. He almost needed to pinch himself to be sure it was really happening. Ian stepped into a nice white half slip. Again sure that most girls wouldn't wear one - but he wasn't complaining. He put on the white blouse, and it was a blouse, the buttons were on the wrong side and stepped into the blue and black kilt type skirt that was uniform for the girls in the school. As he tied his tie he was conscious that the black bra showed through the white blouse. That must be what Mr Dean wanted. The flat shoes were a bit tight but he squeezed his feet into them. It was only when he went over to the mirror to try and make something of his hair that he noticed there was some make up there. He'd not had much practice but wasn't going to miss the chance. A little eye shadow and mascara weren't too hard, nor was the pink lipstick. He ran a brush through his hair, which was longer than most of the boys in the school.He looked at his reflection. Yes he thought he looked OK. Then fear grabbed a hold. Could he really go down and face a teacher dressed like this? He walked to the door and stood there for a few moments trying to pluck up the courage to open the door. Eventually he made his hand open the door and he stepped out onto the landing.As he walked down stairs the feel of the skirt round his legs and the stockings gave him new courage and raised his excitement level but it still took a great effort to open the door of the lounge and walk in. Mr Dean looked up, "Wow don't you look good. Come over here and let me see you properly." Ian walked towards him. "Turn round slowly so that I can see you fully." Ian did what he was asked, enjoying having this man watch him. "How do lolita young incest tgp you feel," Mr Dean asked. "A little nervous but I love the clothes." "You look just like any of the other girls in the school and much prettier than most." "Thank you sir," Ian said. "Now Bradshaw," Mr Dean started. "Look I can't call you Bradshaw or Ian. What name would you like?" "I like the name Lucy sir." "Right Lucy it is and you must call me Graham. Now Lucy come and sit on my lap." Lucy did as she was asked and sat on Mr Dean's lap. His arm went round her shoulders and one hand rested on her leg. He began to gently rub her leg. "That feels very nice Lucy. You have lovely legs. Is this OK with you?" Lucy nodded. Graham leant forward and his lips brushed Lucy's. "Mmmmm, you taste nice Lucy." Then his lips were on hers and he was kissing her. Lucy found her lips being forced apart and Graham's tongue dipping into her sweet mouth. She twisted round on his lap to make it easier and one of her arms went round his neck. It all seemed so easy, so natural.She could now feel his hand on her breast squeezing the bra with its filling and she wished she had something real he could hold. Then his hand was back on her leg and she felt him rubbing her leg and easing his hand up under her skirt. She adored the feel. They spent some minutes like this kissing and feeling each other. After a while Lucy was left in no doubt that Graham was excited because she could feel his hard prick under her. During a pause in their kissing Graham again asked for confirmation that Lucy was OK with what was happening. She was happy to agree. "Look if there is anything you don't want to do just say and we'll stop," Graham assured her. Then he lifted her up off his lap and stood her in front of him. "I want you now to slowly take off your tie, blouse, skirt and slip," he said.Lucy took a few paces back. She reached to her neck and began to ease her tie down and then let it slide through her fingers and onto the floor. Next she began to slowly undo the buttons on her blouse. She began at the bottom button and undid them. She kept her eyes on Graham the whole time. She saw him undo his trousers and pull them down his legs and off. The bulge in his pants looked enormous. Lucy was amazed to feel her own little cockette twitch as she looked at him. If he was turned on by watching her she now realised if she hadn't before that she was turned on by looking at him. She knew that he wanted her but as she looked at the bulge still hidden child models loli bbs she knew she wanted him and her tongue slid involuntarily over her lips."Do you like what you see Lucy," Graham asked. "Oh yes," she sighed. "Well that makes two of us then." By now Lucy had got to the top button of her blouse. She turned her back on Graham as she undid it and let the blouse slip down off her shoulders. Graham could see the black bra straps. Lucy turned round holding the blouse across her body and then slowly opened her arms and allowed Graham to see her in her bra. She pulled the blouse off her arms and the quickly undid the skirt which fell to the floor. She smoothed her hands down over her thighs luxuriating in the feel of the slip on her legs and then put her thumbs under the waist of the slip and slowly eased it down. While she was doing it Graham pulled his pants off and she saw his cock for crazy virgins nude lolita the first time as it sprang to attention.It was all she could do not to rush over and grab it but she finished slowly taking her slip down and then stepping out of it. Now just in bra, panties and stockings she stood in front of him. She turned round. "Now do you like what you see?" she asked. "Oh Lucy you are adorable. Even like that you look just like a girl. Now come over here."Lucy walked across to the semi-naked teacher. He put his hands on her hips and pulled her asian lolita girls nude down onto her knees. Lucy had no doubt what he wanted. She reached out one small hand and wrapped her slender fingers round his big prick. It felt so hard and yet velvety soft. She looked straight into his eyes as she bent towards the prick and gave it a little kiss before sliding it over 14 yo porn lolitas her lips and into her warm mouth. She was rewarded with a long sigh from Graham.Lucy liked the feel and taste of Graham's cock in her mouth and as she felt it twitch in her mouth she could feel her own little cockette twitch in her panties. Lucy bobbed her lolita pussy topless underage head up and down on Graham's hard cock, sucking and licking it as Graham lay back in the chair moaning with pleasure. Her mouth was beginning to feel a little sore when he sat up and held her head and suddenly she felt her mouth filling up. She swallowed as fast as she could but some leaked out and ran down her chin onto her chest.Eventually Graham let go of her head and pulled his prick out of her mouth. "Oh Lucy that was free lolita nympho pics wonderful," he said. "But now you'd better go and get changed and get back to your dorm." Lucy felt a bit deflated. She would have loved to have been able to curl up on his lap again. But she did as she was asked. She picked up her clothes and ran upstairs. She washed the make up and cum off her face, reluctantly took off her clothes and once again became Ian. In a few minutes he presented himself to Graham who was now fully dressed. "Just before you go, Lucy," Graham said, "I wonder whether you'd like to do this again?" He sounded hesitant and even unsure. But Lucy wasn't. "Oh yes I'd love to do it again." A huge smile came across Graham's face. "That's great. I can't do tomorrow but the night after. If that's OK?" "It's a date," Lucy said and then blushed as she realised what she'd said but Graham only gave her a warm smile and showed her out.Later that evening Ian lay in bed in just his white panties reliving every wonderful moment of the evening and bringing himself to the lolita thumnail gallery post climax he'd not enjoyed while with Graham. The next couple of days passed fairly slowly. Ian saw Mr Dean a few times round the school but there was no real contact until once more Ian stood outside his house and rang the bell.Graham opened the door and let him in. "Your clothes are in the same room as before. Why don't you go straight up and get child models loli bbs ready." Why not indeed? Ian ran upstairs and into the bedroom. There was the school uniform on the bed but this time both bra and panties were white. They were so soft and silky. Ian loved them. In a moment he was naked and pulling the panties up his free lolita nympho pics legs. He stood for a while just running his hands over his bottom - oh did they feel good. How he wished he could always wear such lovely things. He put on the bra and looked wistfully at the empty cups before padding them out. Then he quickly rolled a stocking up each leg stepped into the slip and put on his blouse, skirt and tie. This time he made his make up a bit more pronounced a little more trampy and this time when ready there was no hesitation at the door.Once downstairs Lucy went to the lounge. She was pleased to see that Graham was already naked and his cock standing erect. "Is that for me," she asked in fake shyness. Graham came over to her and took her in his arms and began to kiss and fondle her. "You are a wicked little temptress Lucy," he said. "I'm just glad you fancy me Graham," she replied. "Lucy you are every man's dream, a sweet seemingly innocent schoolgirl who is ready to suck a man's cock. You are sweet and beautiful and I can't believe you want to do this with me."Lucy grabbed hold of his cock, "Oh Graham I do want to do this. I want you to hold me with your big strong arms and make me feel small, frail and feminine. I want you to touch and caress my feminine body and to let me touch yours. Above all I want to hold and suck your cock and feel you fill my mouth with your cum." With that she sank to her knees and began to suck on him.She'd hardly started when she heard, "Knock, knock anyone at home." There was someone else in lolita pussy topless underage the room and she recognised the voice. "Oh my what have we got here?" the voice continued. "Well, well Graham," he continued, "who is the little sweetie attached to your manhood?" "Hello Bill," Graham replied in what seemed to Lucy a very relaxed manner, "I don't think you two have been introduced." He lifted Lucy to her feet and turned her round. "Bill this is Lucy but you probably know her better as Bradshaw in 5b. Lucy this is Bill whom you usually know as Mr Jones." "This is an unexpected pleasure Lucy but definitely a pleasure," he reached out and pulled Lucy to him and put her hand on his groin where she could feel his cock already stirring. "So Lucy," he continued, "do you like to suck cock?" "Yes sir," Lucy replied. "And would you like to suck mine?" Lucy looked at Graham to see what she was expected to say. "Yes sir as long as Graham doesn't mind." "I'm sure Graham won't mind," said Bill as he pulled Lucy to him and gave her a kiss. His kiss was strong and deep and Lucy felt his hands lift her skirt up and then begin to fondle her bottom.After a few moments Graham interrupted, "perhaps we'd better go upstairs and get a bit more comfortable." They did as he suggested. Bill had his hands all over Lucy as they climbed the stairs. Once in the bedroom Lucy was directed to take off her blouse skirt and slip and lie on the bed. Bill stripped off and lay one side of her and Graham naked the others side. It was incredibly erotic for the teenage girl. Their hands were touching every part of her, even her little cockette which was the hardest it had ever been. Now she was kissing Bill and now Graham. Finally Bill knelt up over her and fed her his cock which she eagerly began to suck.As she did so she felt hands pulling at her panties and her little cockette exposed and then engulfed in Graham's warm mouth. If she hadn't had Bill's cock in her mouth she would have squealed with pleasure. Instead she tried to concentrate on the lovely cock that was filling her mouth. The feeling was indescribably as Bill moved smoothly in and out. She could hear his moans of pleasure until finally she sensed him cum and her mouth began to fill. She swallowed bbs zeps lol bbs down his cum as best she could and then she came in Graham's mouth. Bill eased his cock out of her mouth and almost at the same moment Graham kissed her and as he did so she felt something in her mouth. It was her own cum, which she greedily swallowed.Now the situation was reversed and she had Graham's cock in her mouth and Bill had her droopy little cockette in his. But Bill was good and soon she aware that she was hard again and enjoying being sucked. Graham was also enjoying being sucked and he too rewarded Lucy for her efforts with a nice flow of cum for her to drink down. With Graham having finished Bill let Lucy's little cockette slide out of his mouth and for a while the three of hem lay on the bed."It isn't late Lucy," Graham said, "so why don't you go and put your blouse and skirt back on and touch up your make up and we can have some drinks downstairs." Lucy did as she was asked and by the time she was dressed again and had repaired her make up and got downstairs the two teachers were dressed and chatting in the lounge. Graham gave her some juice and Bill encouraged her to sit on his lap.They chatted for a while about Lucy and her dressing. "So you really enjoy being a girl, Lucy" Bill asked. "Oh yes," she replied. "I so wish I'd been born a girl. I wish I could walk round the school in a skirt with lovely panties underneath." "But you are a boy so you can't," Bill said. "Let me ask," Graham interjected. "Even though you are a boy, if you had the chance to go round the school dressed as a girl say for a week would you do it?" "Yes I would," Lucy said without any hesitation. "Let's get this right," Graham slave lolita preteen site continued, "if you could you would wear girl's clothes round the school despite the ribbing you'd get." "I could cope with that just to be able to be dressed as a girl."Lucy could see Graham had an idea. "Lucy do remember that this started because I punished you for not doing well with your swimming by making you wear a bikini bottom?" Lucy nodded. "Well how about I punish you for some swimming failure by making you wear a girl's uniform for a slave lolita preteen site week?" Lucy was bowled over by the idea."Would you sir," she said forgetting in her excitement to call him Graham. "Would you really? That would be brilliant." Then she added with an after thought, "and I could turn up here every evening to have my uniform checked."Later that night Lucy was alone in her room. Was it true? Could there really be a chance of her being a girl in school for a week? And if there was did she really want it? Did she want everyone else to see her as a girl? Did she want the teasing that would come with it and perhaps even getting beaten up? She knew it might be tough but to live one week as a girl. Yes she did want it.Two days later Ian was in the pool in a swimming lesson and there was no doubt Mr Dean was on his case! "Come on Bradshaw," he was shouting, "you are swimming like a girl more than ever." But Ian knew what was needed and so he swam worse than ever.As the session drew to and end Mr Dean got the whole class out of the pool and lined them up. He told them that some of them were not making the effort and needed to do better. Then he turned on Ian, "and as for you Bradshaw, when I came here you were on the edge of the swimming team but now you are the worst in the class." "I'm not sir," Ian replied. "Bradshaw you are and, as I have told you before, you swim like a girl." "I don't swim like a girl and I'm not the worst in the class sir," Ian trotted out the lines they had practiced. Then came the ultimatum. "Alright Bradshaw. You prove you don't swim like a girl and that you are not worst in the class and I'll believe you. But if you are the worst, which would prove you are not really trying and that you swim like a girl then I'll." Mr Dean paused for a while as if thinking of a suitable punishment, "I'll have you dressed like a girl for a week." There was a guffaw of laughter and Ian blushed.A series of races followed with the eight in each and the first four allowed to go and get changed if they wanted, though no one did because they all wanted to see what happened. It came down to the last race and Ian having failed to make the first four in his earlier races was in it."See what I said Bradshaw you are the worst and you swim like a little girl. I have proved my point. We'll end it there and forget about the punishment." "No sir," Ian replied. "I don't swim like a girl and I'm not the worst." "You are really trying my patience Bradshaw. I have given you a chance to get out of the punishment but you want to persist. Everyone here can see I'm being reasonable. You don't have to race and risk a week dressed like a girl." "I'm not the worst sir" Ian replied.So the race was staged and Ian made it look as if he was really trying but, surprise, surprise, he came last. "I told you, you were the worst and I warned you not to race. Now you will take your punishment. One week as a girl as befits your swimming. Come to my house this evening and I'll provide you with your uniform. Some guffaws arose from the class.Mr Dean looked around sternly, "and if I hear from Bradshaw or from anyone else that any of you are making his life even harder well, as that would be a catty thing to do, I'll have you in girl's uniform as well." With that he dismissed the class. Ian did his best to look downcast as he changed. His best friend Simon came and sat with him and tried to cheer him up. "Look I'm sure you don't have to do this. It isn't a suitable nasty little lolita models punishment. You could go to the head and complain," sun ranchi lolita bbs Simon suggested. "Thanks Si," Ian replied, "but Deaney already thinks he has me beat and that would be one more thing. I was sure I wouldn't come last and he did give me the chance to get out of it. No I'm going to face this and see it through. After real russian lolita gallery all it can't be that bad wearing a skirt, the girls manage to." "Well if I can do anything to help, I will" said Simon.That evening as arranged Ian went to Graham's house to get the uniform. "Are you sure you want to do this?" Graham asked. "It is all round the school and the head has spoken to me about it. I explained I gave you every chance to back out but felt you really were not trying and so undermining my authority. He's agreed to let it go ahead." "Of course I want to do it. I can't think of anything else but walking out tomorrow in a skirt and with my hair brushed like a girl." "But what about the other boys?" "Some will be fine and the others.. Well I'll just have to put up with them teasing me."Ian took the bag with the uniform in it and went back to his room. He'd just got back when Simon knocked on the door. "Have you got it," he asked. Ian thought he seemed a little excited. "Yes. Do you want me to put it on for you?" "Why not and I can tell you honestly what you look like." Simon sat on the bed as Ian stripped down to his underpants. He looked through the clothes and found some pink cotton panties. As he held them up Simon said, "crumbs he isn't going to make it easy for you is he? I mean he could have given you white ones and they might have looked like boys pants."Ian slid his own pants down his legs and pulled up the panties. Then he put on the bra making it look as if he'd never done it before. There were of course no stockings schoolgirls don't wear them, but black tights instead so he slid those up his legs. He top lolita boys peedo could feel Simon watching. Was Simon enjoying this he wondered? He put his arms into the blouse and did it up and then the skirt before he stepped into the shoes. "Now," he said, "let's see what I can do with my hair." Ian had quite long hair and so he thought he would be able to part it down the middle instead of the side and make it look feminine. When he'd finished he tied up the school tie and turned towards Simon, "what do you think?" he asked. "That's amazing," Simon blurted out, "you look just like a girl." "Thank you kind sir," Ian replied.He sat down on the chair by his desk making sure to smooth the skirt under his legs as a girl would. They began to chat about how Ian was going to approach the next day. Ian felt very relaxed but he noticed how closely Simon was watching him. After a while he playfully asked, "I hope you're not trying to see up my skirt?" Simon blushed and while not answering the question because it was obvious he was merely said, "it's hard not to think of you as a girl. How does it feel dressed like that?" Ian knew he was not going to lie to Simon so he simply said, "actually quite nice. The tights feel especially nice." Then seeing Simon's clear interest said, "do you want to feel them." Simon blushed again and muttered, "yeah alright."He reached across and put a hand on Lucy's knee and began to run his hand up and down her leg. "Wow they do feel nice." Lucy looked coyly at him, "I bet you say that to all the girls Simon. I'm going to have to watch you while I'm dressed like this." Simon was at a loss to know what to say but he didn't stop rubbing Lucy's leg. "Do they feel nice enough for you to want to try them on?" Lucy asked. It was clear from Simon's expression that that was exactly what he wanted. "Look why don't you try on the whole outfit?" Lucy asked.Simon quickly agreed and in real russian lolita gallery a moment was standing in just his underpants. "You can't wear those," Ian said as he stripped off the uniform. He delved deep down in his drawers and brought out the white panties that he had. "Here wear these." Simon looked puzzled. "I'll explain sometime but let's get you into the uniform," Ian said quenching Simon's obvious question. So just wearing the pink panties Ian helped Simon into the uniform. He brushed his hair to make it look a bit more feminine though Simon's hair wasn't as long as Ian's."How does it feel then," Ian asked. Simon looked embarrassed. "Very nice," he whispered. Ian took pity on him. "Simon," he said, "it's OK to loli model image sets like girl's clothes. There's nothing wrong with enjoying wearing them and you look very pretty."The last words had a dramatic effect on Simon. "Do I really look pretty," he asked. "They feel so nice and make me feel a bit sexy." Simon began to walk round the room letting the skirt flow round his legs and occasionally spinning. "This is great Ian. I really feel good in these clothes. Have you worn girl's clothes before? You must have because you had a pair of panties in your drawer. Come on do tell me."Ian sat Simon down and told him about finding the panties and enjoying wearing them. Then he said, "Now Simon what I'm about to tell you, you must not let anyone else know," and he told him about the swimming and being made to top lolita boys peedo wear forbidden picture links lolita a bikini bottom and being caught wearing panties. He went on to recount his first trip to Mr Dean's house."He wanted me to dress fully as a girl," Ian explained. "But why," asked Simon, "is he bent?" "Of course he is that's why he got me there. I got dressed and even did a little make up." "What," Simon interrupted, "you went down to see Mr Dean wearing a girl's school uniform." "Well a kind of uniform," Ian replied, "but I don't think many girls in our school wear stockings! Yes I went to see him. I was a bit afraid but listen I wanted to let him see me like that. After he'd caught me in my panties I'd been wondering what it would be like being with him you know like that." "So did you want to have sex with him?" "I wasn't sure but I felt I did. But you tell me Si. I mean you're dressed as a girl now. So if you were with Mr Dean what would you want to happen?" Simon looked embarrassed, "I think I might want him to hold me and kiss me and treat me like a girl. Crumbs I must be bent." "No," said Ian, "I didn't feel like that. When he kissed me I felt like a girl. His hand on my leg felt lovely. It all seemed so good, so nice so natural even when I held his cock." "What," Simon almost shouted, "you held his cock!" "I didn't just hold it. I sucked it and looking at you now I think you would do the same."There was a very pregnant pause between the two boys as Ian let the force of his words sink into Simon. Eventually Simon muttered, "yeah I think I would. But wasn't it gross?" "Not at all. I loved it and when he came I swallowed his cum and it didn't taste bad. I know it may seem a bit odd talking about it here but if you were there with him I bet you'd do the same and that you'd enjoy it." Simon asian lolita girls nude paused for a moment and then somewhat hesitantly said, "do you think he'd want me to suck him?" "Simon dressed as you are I have no doubts."The two chatted for a while and then Simon reluctantly got undressed. Ian could see he was very loath to take lolita thumnail gallery post off the panties. "Look why don't you keep those panties. I'm sure I can keep some of these that Graham is giving me." So there were the two boys in Ian's room both wearing only panties as Ian hung up the uniform they had shared that night. Later as Ian lay in bed he felt a real sense of excitement and anticipation over what tomorrow would bring and yet there was also some uncertainty.
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